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Nichols Applied Management provides management and economic consulting services in the fields of economic and financial analysis, strategic and business planning, program and policy evaluation, and general management.

We offer specialized expertise in sector-specific areas including local government, education and resource industries.  The firm is noted for its quantitative research capabilities and applies them to many different applications.  Examples of our areas of practice can be found on our services page.


A Record of Performance

Nichols Applied Management was established in 1973.  For over 40 years Nichols has earned a strong reputation for:

  • Professional integrity
  • Quality work
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Effective collaboration

Nichols Reputation



The consulting staff of Nichols Applied Management have diverse and extensive academic and professional backgrounds. Together they bring a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary proficiency to each consulting engagement.

Our principals participate actively in assignments, ensuring resources are applied effectively within rigorous standards of excellence. The firm’s professionals work closely with clients throughout the course of every project undertaken, from agreement on project objectives, deliverables, methodologies, and schedules, to regular progress reviews, and finally to the presentation of results.


Although much of our firm’s work is undertaken in Canada, Nichols Applied Management has carried out numerous projects in the United States and in several developing countries around the world. We have completed various organizational, economic, market, and financial evaluations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East for clients such as The World Bank and the Canadian International Development Agency.

The firm’s clients embrace private, public, and not-for-profit community-based organizations, whose activities span a wide range of industries and sectors. Assignments range in scope from short-term advisory and facilitation engagements to large, complex, multi-disciplinary projects extending over many months.

Members of the firm have been retained as expert witnesses and advisors on numerous judicial and quasi-judicial matters and have assisted a number of regulatory, public hearing, task force, and review processes.

Collaboration with Specialist Firms
Nichols Applied Management often participates with other firms in assignments that require multi-disciplinary expertise. We have worked closely with engineering, architecture, urban planning, legal, public consultation, communication, public/media relations, and other specialist consulting firms whose expertise complements our own.

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